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Default Re: Who should be the "Female Lead" in the next film? Agent 13 or Black Widow?

Originally Posted by Minxie View Post
Someone pointed out a few weeks ago that, logistically, a BW movie is still very far away because Marvel only puts out like 2 films a year and the schedule for the next few years is already full. If they were gonna do it in Phase 3 they would have announced it by now.

So unless things change there, I'll want Natasha back for Cap 3 and Sharon, as well. I don't see why we can't have both. The notion there's only room for one female character in these movies is nonsense.

I also really like the idea of the Cap movies being like their own mini-Avengers stories featuring the Cap Family, which includes Natasha, Bucky, Sam and Sharon led by Steve. I think that should be what Cap 3 revolves around.
This is why I think it should be called: "Widowmaker" [starring Black Widow and Hawkeye with major background for each] or even like "S.H.I.E.L.D: Operation Widowmaker" [including Nick Fury and Hill as major players]

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