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The scene opens with a blizzard covering the rooftops of Gotham, up here the sound below is drowned out and is somewhat peaceful. As the camera pans the ridge tiles of a roof, the lack of sound is interrupted by quick footwork breaking the snow as they effortlessly shoot across in the other direction to how the camera is moving. A shadow can be seen volleying a parapet wall with no effort. Finally the figure stops as he enters a rooftop greenhouse, now covered over and useless thanks to the winter. It's in this shot we realise this shadow doesn't belong to batman, but deadshot.

He goes about setting up his rifle without a sound, and resting it against the shed window. The camera is now looking through the scope of the rifle as it slowly goes back and forth over a rooftop 800m away. During this moment deadshots breath slowly calms. He passes a placed body three times with the scope. Nothing.

The blizzard now eases ( to show time passage ) and deadshot is still there never taking his finger from the trigger. Deadshot freezes as the sound of snow crunching under a boot outside the greenhouse cuts through the still of the night. Cue a panning shot of outside the greenhouse seeing deadshot inside and revealing batman crouched with binoculars, scouting out the rooftop adjacent. Deadshot slowly grips a knife on his leg and readies himself just in case. The sound of wings (cape) taking flight in the wind and batman is gone.

Deadshot returns to his scope and there over the body is batman allowing the perfect shot. Deadshot says "you're not so clever.. Oh well, thanks for the paycheque." Placing his Finger back on the rigger.
Cut to batman analysing the crime-scene, looking perplexed. " something doesn't add..." He panics and drops smoke pellets whilst getting grazed on the shoulder by a bullet.

Deadshots smile drops " you...hoho you tricky devil you...". Disassembling the rifle and slinging it on his back, he turns to the door, kneeling to take snapshots of the batmans footprints with his eye piece.

Deadshot grabs his ear as high pitched scramble noises cut in, followed by batmans voice.

Batman: So you're deadshot I take it? I must admit you almost had me there for a second.

Deadshot : congratulations, you're the first to not be instantaneously killed by me, ever. And don't try and trace my comms, you won't find me that way.

Batman: so what now? A game of cat and mouse? Or if you're tired you could swap whatever your wearing for orange? You must have been up here for at least two hours.

Deadshot:how about this? May the best man win.

Batman: I intend to.

--perhaps it would be interesting if the villain was more the audiences guide, and batman being the boogeyman

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