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Default Re: do you think IM2 was better or worse than the original?

I don't see how anyone could think Vanko stood out more in a positive way over Stane. Jeff Bridges was terrific and felt like the most menacing villain of the bunch. He was that inner threat. Someone close to Tony who was really a snake in the grass waiting to stab him in the heart and take everything he owned.

I loved the scene when he paralyzed Tony with that sonic device and then removed the arc reactor from Tony's chest, all the while revealing he was the one who ordered the hit on him, he was going to kill Pepper, take his technology and his company etc.

Another gem of a scene was the one with Pepper, when she's just discovered all the incriminating evidence against Stane on his computer, she's downloading it onto a memory stick, and Stane walks in on her, and starts casually talking to her about Tony and how "happy" he was to have him back. Pepper hides the memory stick under the newspaper, and sticks the screensaver on the computer screen. What a great scene. First time I saw it I thought Stane was going to catch her and take her hostage. Probably the most intense scene of the trilogy. One of the few scenes in the Iron Man movies that has no humor at all.

Stane was just so intense once his true colors were revealed. That was another thing, the transition from friendly fatherly type business partner who is so buddy buddy with Tony, plays the piano, and brings pizza back from board meetings, to psycho murderer was amazing. Bridges is so versatile.

Vanko's best and frankly only really memorable scene is the attack in Monaco. For most of the movie he is sitting in Hammer's base typing on key boards, and asking for his bird. Even Mickey Rourke dissed the movie saying his role was not nearly as good as it should have been.

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