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Première Magazine (Translated in Google)

Generation X

In X-Men - Days of Future Past, Bryan Singer cast mixes the old star who installed the saga and the young mad dogs who took over the franchise. Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender (Magneto), Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy (Xavier) return this << Xperience >> unpublished.

IAN McKELLEN: When I discovered X-Men - First Class (Matthew Vaughn, 2011), I immediately thought that my story was finished with mutants. Michael (Fassbender) is perfect. He has the look, he's funny, threatening, in constant control. I thought they would not need a grumpy old man like me. As they say in the theater: << Rideau! >> (in french). Hence my extreme surprise when they called me. Why I said out? How to refuse to rework with Bryan, a man so delicious? And then it was just a month of filming in Montreal, a city I did not know which one told me the greater good. It would have been stupid to refuse.
PATRICK STEWART: Unable to say no! I know that Bryan thought that it would be difficult to gather the elders- especially Ian and me - but he underestimated our attachment to the saga. Those who have played in the three first films have a strong relationship with this franchise. An extraordinarily cohesive group is created and for actors who also work at the theatre, this idea of troops is very important. That said, the phone call from Bryan surprised me. As all comedians first sections, I thought X-Men was now ancient history to me.
JAMES McAVOY: We had no choice because we signed several films. (Laughs.) When Simon (Kinberg, screenwriter) talked about this idea of ​​crossing generations, it was rock bottom. It put extra pressure because to meet the one who created your character is rather tetanising. But Patrick has been very open and generous. I never felt that we were in competition and that I had << stolen >> Xavier.
PATRICK STEWART: It does not make sense. Xavier is not for me no more that it belongs to James. He is a wonderful actor and he proposed an interpretation rather radical and totally different from Professor X. Less sweet, more instinctive. Our characters were built separately; there was no consultation, imitation or copying. I invented a Xavier and James imagined him in its own way.
MIC HAEL FASSBENDER: Same for Ian and me. From the beginning, Matthew, director of First Class, we took the decision not only imagine a young Erik version, but to start from scratch. It has enabled me to keep my focus. For Days of Future Past, I studied Ian’s performance- especially his voice. This film was a meeting point.
IAN McKELLEN: A meeting point? Hmmm... For the characters, perhaps. For Patrick and James, no doubt. I was also a bit jealous because I would have liked to meet the young Erik. But I imagine that if there is already << a couple >> who crosses, they won't have fun to write the same thing for all the characters. I've met Michael at ComicCon, and it was very brief. It was quite good fun, but unlikely! It is on this occasion that I understood that he is a true showman. But talking about passing the baton seems a bit excessive to me.
PATRICK STEWART: It's different for James and me because it is the only mutant in First Class to have a scene in the future. Moreover, Bryan had foreseen since, in the planning, this scene was the last of the old X-Men and the first of the new generation. It is a very short, very intense sequence, an exchange between the two Xaviers. I play against James, that I know well, and a character that I am also beginning to master. (Laughs.) But I've never said that that I was playing against myself or << me >> but more young. It was a pretty classic moment finally, as when I'm in front of aliens or of other mutants. I was just talking to a familiar character that I had to convince my greater experience. As it comes at a particular moment in the film, during the crisis, it gives the scene a certain gravity.
JAMES McAVOY: I felt like playing against a mirror, except that in the mirror, it was another actor who appeared. I was very excited, people on the set were listening, Bryan was extremely concentrated. It was really a great moment. We can say that it is not much, we frequently play strange scenes, but in terms of mythology, this is insane! This is actually one of the most important film sequences or the saga. I somewhat regret not having more rubbed shoulders with the veterans.
IAN McKELLEN: I would have loved to spend time with Michael or James, but honestly, it would have been hard to follow. Can you imagine us, Patrick and I boxed every night behind the new generation? It would have looked ridiculous and I'm not sure we could have kept pace they have imposed. At the moment, with Patrick, we play Waiting for Godot on Broadway. It's quiet and it suits us perfectly. It seems they were very fit to Montreal. Very fit…

All claws out
Hugh Jackman played Wolverine for the seventh time. True hero of Days of Future Past, the actor gave his impressions on the set.

<< I immediately knew that it would be great when Bryan told me about the film. I had the impression that a loop is completed comprehensive technology. Secretly, I said to myself: ' Oh no, it's not going to start over! I am fed up with the draconian regime that I have to follow. (Laughs.) But Bryan is more than a friend, I owe him everything. X-Men was my first American movie and that is how I learned my craft. I am here today with that and I'm sure that Days of Future Past will break everything. This is the best script of the saga; the technological ambition is crazy and scenes of action too. And don't bother to tell you that the cast is unbeatable... For Wolverine, this film is important because it begins at a time where the character has really evolved. He is orderly compared with the first X-Men and has learned a lot about himself and others. There, he returned to a time where it was not so... civilized. (Laughs.) Suddenly, his relationship with Charles is exciting: in the first movies, Logan is a rebel; a type angry than Professor X soothes and makes grow. With the young Charles, the roles are almost reversed Will I be there for the future? I know that I cannot play Wolverine all my life. At one point, I will be forced to pass the baton. I love the character, but for him as for me, it must evolve. >>

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