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Première Magazine (Translated in Google)

Bryan Singer-Project X

Fourteen years after launching the saga of X-Men, Bryan Singer took over the reins of the franchise, brings a monstrous cast and rewritten history. Interview with a filmmaker who's past, present and future of superhero movie in the palm of hands.

PREMIÈRE: The genesis of the film had to be pretty special because you had to make sure the presence of the actors before they can even write the script ...
BRYAN SINGER: We already knew that we would have << young actors >> because they are under contract for several films. Afterwards, two people remained absolutely essential to convince, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen . Once their agreement obtained, we could actually start the project. I wanted it to be Hugh (Jackman) who travels in the past because it was the only one to play his character both times because Wolverine does not age. During the shooting, I much thought about the filming of Usual Suspects. At the time, I started by turning the whole part of the interview with Dan Hedaya , Chazz Palminteri and Giancarlo Esposito, before I address the flashback . So, only Kevin Spacey remained and took leave of these actors before the suspects - Gabriel Byrne, Benicio Del Toro ... - do not join the board. A bit like Days of Future Past, where we filmed Hugh with the << old cast >> and Hugh with the young. He was immediately excited when I told him about the concept.

All actors have responded immediately?
All! The main concern was to provide schedules of everyone. My first assistant, who has yet worked on huge movies like Avatar, never had to deal with such a headache. Usually, only three players maximum have << restrictions >>, as they say. This time, we had seven. Halle Berry, who was pregnant, could only make herself available for a very short period; Patrick and Ian played a part in London and Ian was also on the Hobbit; Evan Peters was in TV series American Horror Story and Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones... It was also necessary to release Jennifer Lawrence so she could go after the Hunger Games, not to mention Hugh, who has had to leave for two weeks in the middle of shooting to ensure the promotion of The Wolverine (by James Mangold). So it took constantly juggle the demands of each.

One has the impression that this film the colossal budget comes as a reward for the efforts you have provided the first X-Men, the cost seems ridiculous today ($ 75 million) ...
I saw something like this, yes. The other award was for rotation with young actors. I produced X-Men – First Class, I was also the author of the script and I was actively involved in the casting of the film. I had worked with Nicholas Hoult in Jack the Giant Slayer (2013) and I knew Jennifer Lawrence through their relationship, but I had not yet worked with Michael Fassbender or with James McAvoy. I have not been disappointed and I think everyone had the same feeling as me.

Everyone? Hugh Jackman looked a little disappointed to regain strength for this movie as he was leaving from Wolverine...
I know. There a discipline of hell in these cases. There was a time where Hugh was sometimes coming to dinner with us during the shootings, but it's over. The regime that it must follow to play Wolverine is hyper strict: he trains and eats a meal every two hours, his last of the day taking place at 6 pm. He made one exception during the filming of Days of Future Past when Jim Gianopoulos (president of Fox) visited us. We three went to the restaurant and Hugh watched us eat (Laughs.) He spent the meal to contemplate what you ordered, saying: << Oh, that's very good, that. >> I suggested politely to taste, but it was a duty to refuse every time. Once I ordered a martini, he dropped a : << Oh, I love Martinis ... >> It has almost become annoying after a while!

You almost make First Class but Warner, with whom you were under contract, you had chosen to direct Jack the giant Slayer What is does it find the saga after all these years and this missed?
I like living my own version of Days of Future Past, to have the opportunity to revisit the past and be able to correct things I would do differently, while paying tribute to the work of those who succeeded me. I respect X-Men: The Last Stand (Brett Ratner, 2006) and both Wolverine (conducted by Gavin Hood and James Mangold in 2009 and 2013), I have not tried to hide in designing this new episode. And if I have the chance to work today with Ellen Page, who is a wonderful actress, thanks to The Last Stand. I am delighted to have inherited this inspired casting choice. Reconnecting with this saga, I really realized how much I feel at home in this universe, much more than I was Superman.

It is thus for this reason you’ve already started working on the next X-Men while this is yet to be completed or you are just a little masochistic?
I wanted to start Apocalypse without delay in order to have enough time to develop the project. If the output of Days of Future Past had waited before making a decision, we would have lost valuable months pre-production. The studio people were sufficiently excited by what they had seen of Days... to give the green light to the next... so I jumped at the chance. But yes, I must still be a little masochistic since I also accepted to the pilot of a new series produced by the creators of Dr. House and Breaking Bad, I have to turn these days while Days... will be not yet finished and we prepare actively the next.

Much is said about the Titanic budget of Days of Future Past. Where will all this money, specifically? In the decorations? In the special effects?
It is given to the actors. (Laughs.) Wages are particularly high on this film - including mine, by the way - and the budget for special effects is effect therefore without be disproportionate. We tried to turn up in natural settings, which has a price but seemed essential, especially for the sequences in 1973. If I had to describe, would say that 30% of the money went to the cast, 30% to special effects and the rest in the filming. Some days, it was still nearly 800 to work on board. It makes a number of mouths to feed.

At the same time, it's your fault if Hugh Jackman has become as expensive.
I know! That said, this money could not go to a nicer type. I have rarely seen an actor to give as much as Hugh on a platter. He deserves it.

How was the mix between the old and the new generation?
There is a scene in which the old and the young Charles Xavier << connect >>, where Patrick Stewart tries to inject a little wisdom to James McAvoy. It was really fun to attend this clash of generations. Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence, for example, grew up with the first X-Men, and even if they played in the prequel, it was the first time they found themselves in the << true>> sets of these films that they discovered being kids. I still remember Jennifer coming to ask me discretely between two shots << Bryan, you can show me Cerebro? >> (laughs.) The actors are also told to wear clothes from the 70s, who go particularly well to Hugh. It was also decided to cut mounting a valve that was very funny but which did not fully correspond to the tone of the film. Before being sent in the past, Wolverine said: << the good news, is that my sideburns will be fashionable. >>

For many people, Days of Future Past is the most anticipated event of the American summer. Is this revenge on all those who doubted you at the time of the first X-Men?
I think sometimes back to the reactions of the fans of the comic when the first pictures were unveiled. I was murder every day on Internet: << But what he did to my comic book ? What can these costumes? And that stupid casting? >> What bothers me this time, it is the constant comparisons made between Days of Future Past and Avengers. While the two films have nothing in common. Avengers was the combination of several huge success together in order to build a megahit - well, it was mostly Iron Man and the others - whereas Days ... just brings the characters of the same saga with different ages. I can assure you that my mother, who look at my feature films only because the name of his son is in the credits, would be unable to tell you who is Magneto , when she heard of Iron Man and knows perfectly what Hulk looks like. The X-Men have always been the underdogs, I often describe as illegitimate children of the world of comics. Condemn Days of Future Past to achieve a comparable Avengers card is not reasonable, even though I am very confident about our chances of success at the box office.

We can talk about Apocalypse?
Say that this film will probably be in the 80s and will be again very different from the previous ones. Apocalypse promises to be a pretty unique opponent and destroy a lot of things in its path. Those who find that Days of Future Past is not enough explosive can be reassured: we'll do it all in the next.

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