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Default Re: Best Iron Man 4 and 5 Villains and Plot Ideas

I have never really been much of a Fin Fang Foom fan, and really don't want to see him in a Iron Man film.
As for more than the 3 films thus far, I could see a 4th film, but I really don't see RDJ doing more than that, and sooner or later Marvel/Disney will want to make way for other Marvel characters, such as Blackwidow, Dr. Strange. Black Panther, plus they got back their Marvel Knights heroes, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Blade, so sooner or later they will want to make films for them as well.
I love Iron Man, but know the franchise will not be going on and on, even though Kevin Freige said he could Iron Man 20, and I would love that, as I want so much to see Madam Masque, Spymaster, Ghost, Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo, Living Laser and the like, guess time will tell and how audiences appetite is for Iron Man.

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