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Default Re: Cap 3 has a release date

I hope that the studio gives the writers and the directors the creative leeway to craft a highly compelling third movie. Hopefully they won’t go overboard with the villains, having too many, etc. The action sequences need to be elevated and at least as intense as this one. Stakes should be even higher for this film.

But I’m wary of putting this right up against the Batman/Superman film. Cap’s films have proven to be solid box office performers so far. But this is outright splitting the “comic book audience” for that weekend. For whatever it’s worth, it may not be great for both films, but in the case of Cap, it’s already “Part 3”, and even if it is top notch, it may have an uphill battle against the also very anticipated “world's finest” film.

My suggestion would be for Cap 3 to have a soft opening on Wednesday (or the following Wednesday), and it can build up some steam. Also, they can release the film internationally on the same day or just slightly earlier, to boost up foreign box-office returns.

I guess we'll see what happens. The studio folks need to realize that the success of these films from each studio technically helps keep up the momentum for the rest.

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