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Default Re: Who Will Be The Next Wolverine?

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
Fox are screwed if they try and recast. RDJ is hard enough, but at least the MCU has built up some other characters for people to get invested in. Jackman is the face of this franchise, they will cling to him until he's too old, and then they'll make Old Man Logan.
It may not just be downey MS has to replace after avengers 3.A lot of contracts
may end there,

We still don't know If jackman will be In APocalypse let alone what the mystery 2018 film Is.With DOFP WOlverine as time traveler was easy prediction to make
after days of future past was announced.If he does APocalypse he will have had to agree to basiclly do another 2 films more or less back to back like the wolverine and DOFP with third wolverine coming out so soon after apocalypse.

Best comic book films-Superman,X2,The Dark Knight, X-Men Days of Future Past(rogue Cut) Logan,Batman Returns,The Amazing Spider-man,Wonder Woman,X-Men,Captain AMerica:The Winter Soldier
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