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Default Re: Should Black Panther be the Leader of the Avengers if Chris Evans leaves as Cap

Originally Posted by universeman View Post
I think if Chris Evans leaves after Avengers 3 Black Panther should be the new leader of the Avengers instead of Ant-man and Doctor Strange and whoever else I know we may get BuckyCap but I hope we don't it seems to easy Black Panther would be much better. I see the Avengers like the MMPR we started out with six of them same with MMPR now we get some new ones and more in Phase 3 so to me I see Phase 4 being like Zeo/Turbo era we still had some old members of the team but some new ones too like Phase 2/ Phase 3 and then Tommy step down as Leader and TJ became the new Leader of the PR so I see Phase 4 being like that.

Captain Barnes.

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