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Default Re: How can they keep Cap 3 fresh?

Originally Posted by CinematicESP View Post
Am I the only one that thinks they mentioned psycho 50's Cap as a joke?
could've been a joke, or just a casual mention of one way they were thinking of taking it. but no reason to really think it was a joke either.

lots of ways they could tie some of that stuff into things. I took it more as a sign that they aren't afraid to go deep, and to get into some of the weirder aspects that have always existed in Cap comics.

I think Zemo is almost a must, and also Winter Soldier's return and evolution as a character, but under what circumstances, in what setting? there's really a ton of ways to go with Cap. his history is pretty bizarre and chock full of strange sci-fi, pulp, horror, psychedelic weirdness. and i think the last thing anyone would want... Marvel Studios or the writers and directors, would be another try at a straight political thriller.

i'm hoping the third one goes Into The Weirdness. keeping things serious, but feeling more like a more personal, psychological horror film rather than what worked so well in Cap 2. keep it smaller and isolated, i guess is part of what i mean.

i like the idea of Cap maybe starting the movie out, taking off the uniform, and jumping on his bike and going out into America to find himself again. But quickly finding that you can never "find" yourself, that yourself will always catch up with u, and have him plunged right back into the thick of it all.

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