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Default Re: The Official Dofp MAGAZINES Thread

Originally Posted by Takato View Post
About that article in EW... I've never ever thought of X-Men as the 'Bastard Child', maybe with adults but still I thought they were huge in the 90's, in both Comics and Television. Then again, last year I remember having to explain to a friend that Superman and Batman were not in the same universe as Spidey and the X-Men before The Avengers started... it was painful.
with GA X-Men Is bastard stepchild. The one who has huge cult following among comic fans. Think trekkers pre2009 only larger.

X_Men helped get the genre to where it is now but have been dismissed by GA for SPider-man and Avengers on One side and Batman and Superman on the other side.

Best comic book films-Superman,X2,The Dark Knight, X-Men Days of Future Past(rogue Cut) Logan,Batman Returns,The Amazing Spider-man,Wonder Woman,X-Men,Captain AMerica:The Winter Soldier
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