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Default Re: Who should be the "Female Lead" in the next film? Agent 13 or Black Widow?

As someone who feels like having Agent 13 as the female lead in TWS would have made a much weaker movie, it's gotta be Sharon moving forward, not just because they set it up for that, but because Steve and Natasha's arc is basically that they can't be together, because Black Widow has no sense of self, which makes it hard for Cap to trust her, she feels he needs someone nice... and the truth is... he does. He doesn't need danger as much as she needs stability. He's a 1940's guy.

Agent 13, as CIA with a strong moral compass, can now further ground Steve, and be the thing he needs. She's the female lead.

I think Falcon, Black Widow, Bucky, maybe even Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye will all be present, but Agent 13 needs to be the female lead and bona-fide love interest here.

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