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Default Re: How can they keep Cap 3 fresh?

Keeping Cap fresh is easy.

Open up with Cap running after Crossbones/badass #5 and then getting ambushed and about to get swamped when 'BLAM BLAM BLAM!' sniper fire, it's Bucky, saving him yet again! Cap tries to give chase to Bucky, but he gets away, meanwhile the CIA are there, and they're upset with Cap because he just busted up a big sting on The Winter Soldier, Crossbones is sent back to jail (he escapes). They're looking for a Madame HYDRA or something. Cap is brought in as their Winter Soldier expert, and Agent 13 is assigned as his handler. Cap brings in Falcon as his air support, and together they find out... Black Widow already found Bucky, she's helping him get away, and she gets captured!? It turns out Bucky is trying to stop this fiasco, and along with Cap ends up facing off with William Burnside who is planning to send America to the stone age to bring back the good old days of the 1950s. Shades of Nuke as well as Grand Director.

So to keep it fresh - Twist: Bucky is hunting down bad guys on his own. Twist: Burnside was Captain America, even 'Steve Rogers' specifically. Twist: Madame HYDRA is just a teenage girl who does whatever Burnside says. Twist: Black Widow is working with Bucky. Twist: Black Widow is sleeping with Bucky. Twist: Steve has to go to Peggy's funeral, but Agent 13 is there, cuz that was her aunt! Twist: Burnside isn't working with a chemical weapon, he's working with a cosmic infinity stone! Twist: This 80 year old man can go toe to toe with Captain America (Stephen Lang, maybe?). Twist: Bucky takes up Captain America's mantle to cover for Steve who, as Steve, goes head to head with William for the title, for the soul of America, for the time gem, for everything. They might even battle through time, or something high concept like that.

Time Travel. Spy Twists. Out of Time.

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