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Default Re: Cap 3 has a release date

Ok still don't get this debate.

We all live in a society where even the lower class can afford to watch 2 movies in a weekend.

Unless, your a spiteful DC or Marvel fanatic...and just say I'll watch this movie over the other just because.

C'mon people we can all watch them both!!!

If MOS2 makes 100 million and Cap3 makes 95 million or vice versa then both companies still made money.

It's more of a bragging rights who wins the first weekend but financial wise unless both are good movies then both are winners.

Who really here or knows someone who will say..."I'll watch this but not the other." If that's the case, then that person weren't going to support the other movie in the first place, no matter what date it falls on.

Either way both will be financially successful even on same date.

Even if one beat the other by a few millions.

So if WB made $105 million on first weekend while Cap 3 made $110 million, do you guys really think WB will consider MOS2 a failure and not continue the DC shared universe franchise???

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