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Default Re: Will the Red Skull Return?

Originally Posted by Thundercracker View Post
I definitely want to see him return for part 3. Given Hydra's involvement in TWS, Skull returning would be a fitting way of bringing the Cap trilogy full circle.

They're going to have to find a way to bring him back to Earth but I'd rather it doesn't involve Thanos. Loki already had his run in with him and we know that Gamora, Nebula & Ronan are going to have ties to him as well in GotG. So for the sake of keeping the universe more open I think it'd be better that they don't get a everyone is working with/for Thanos situation going on.

Now that Hydra has Loki's scepter, it will be interesting to see what they intend to use it for and if it could be a possible means of bringing the Skull back to Earth. The one issue I have is Cap was the only one witness to what actually happened to the Skull and he believed him dead so how would Hydra or any other organization know where to look for him or even that they should be looking for him? Hopefully we'll get to find out in Cap 3.
What if they bring him back to Earth in a post credit sequence from Avengers Age of Ultron. Maybe Thanos sends him back telling him to take out Cap or something.

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