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Default Re: Should there be a stand alone Mystique film?

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Which makes her perfect for a solo movie, she's already got exposure. Not to mention the Oscar-winning actress who's currently playing her. Sorry, but they're not going to just introduce a lesser-known mutant and then give them their own solo movie at the same time. Not going to happen.
They are only going to give spin-offs to those who have first been In team films.
Jennifer Lawrence's populaary is only reason a Mystique film Is even been
talked about. If Gambit shows up In APocalypse maye they will spin-off him off Into his own film. There Is enough mythology with Gambit with thieves and assassins guilds to sustain a solo film without other X-Men. With deadpool he has been able to sustain long running solo books but they may first want him
In good film to forget about origins version first. So eather showing up In X-Men film or third wolverine first or whenever X-Force Is made.

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