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Default Re: The Joker Blogs on Youtube...

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
He's the best Ledger Joker impressionist I've seen, I'll give him that.
i'd agree if it weren't for his voice

he's clearly doing more of his own thing now though ( despite the ledger look still being there, i'm speaking more performance wise ) and the show is kicking ass so far with each and every ep big fan of him.

my friend kevin might be an even bigger fan of this guy , actually. we started working on our own sort of "spinoff " series centered around the riddler a while back ( or rather, he started working on it and i kinda just sat saying " cool " to all of his ideas without spitballing very many of my own, haha. but i'm supposed to play a friend/goon of his named "billy " (as in bill finger ) whenever we actually do start working on this some more.)

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Comic fans will always defend the hot chick with the rack, unless said chick was divorcing someone like Michael Fassbender or Tom Hardy.

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