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Default Re: Should there be a stand alone Mystique film?

The most important thing Fox can do for their franchise as a whole is release new properties that will not only expand the universe, but also be able to deliver sequels/reboots for the unseeable future by grabbing a new audience on top of the one they have. They won't be doing themselves any long term favors by sticking with the same character focus over and over. That's not expanding.

A Mystique film will be a one shot. She has her place within the main actors of the series and is now the female lead getting plenty of development. Ahead of multiple A list X-Men. We know how she started and how she ends. The key here is branching out into the unknown. Not the actress cash grab, that will only help the studio for a short amount of time.

If Lawrence is not in Apocalypse, then I could see this being a solid idea for Fox's sake to hold her for one last film given her popularity. Otherwise this franchise is gonna risk even more over saturation with the characters it chooses only to focus on.

There's a strong demand for the focus to be on other returning/New characters. They need to take that into consideration the most to avoid franchise fatigue. Which they are currently doing their best to get out off. Mystique is a great villain, but sooner or later the actual X-Men or other X teams need to be the ones branching out and getting the screen time people want.

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