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Default Re: Phase 2: Which Avenger had the best solo film?

Originally Posted by hafizbat View Post
Just curious, what changes would you all have made to IM3 and Thor TDW to bring them up to Cap's level?

As everyone says, they had so much potential. So if Marvel got redos on both, what would you change?

For me, I'd tone down the humor by A LOT for both movies. Honestly, the humor killed them for me. It wasn't as bad in IM3 (still really bad), but for TDW....Let's just say Thor's greatest enemy wasn't Malekeith or Kurse or Loki.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
It was Darcy.

-Cut out some of the comedy and have a more consistent tone.
-If this is supposed to be Tony facing his greatest test and being back in the proverbial "cave" like he was in IM, then take that seriously. You know what wasn't present in that cave in IM 1, a lot of comedy.
-Explain Extremis better.
-Give Maya Hansen more of a role. In the Extremis comic, she's hugely important. In the movie, she's kind of pointless.
-Have Sir Ben Kingsley actually be the Mandarin (no twist). Killian can be his ally/scientific adviser.
-Don't gloss over Pepper getting cured at the end or Tony getting his Arc Reactor taken out at the end in a quick scene. God was that lazy, especially for two things that had been built up to be really hard to fix.

Thor: TDW:

-Again, cut out some (not all) of the comedy and establish a more consistent tone.
-Either reduce the Earth characters screentime, or cut them out of the movie entirely. They served no real purpose other than to be annoying.
-Come up with a less contrived way to get Jane to Asgard and actually DEVELOP her romance with Thor if we're supposed to buy in as this great love story.
-Give Sif and the Warriors 3 more screentime and actually develop them as characters.
-Give Malekith more screentime and develop him as a character more. Or at least give him more motivation than "I'm an evil douche."
-Don't have the final battle take place on Earth.
-COME UP WITH BETTER STORY!! This one was paper-thin and just there to string along a bunch of action scenes. TWS proved that you could have lots of cool action scenes AND also a compelling story at the same time, so do it.

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