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Default Re: Thor 3 official!

Originally Posted by First Avenger View Post
I was being serious!yost has a twitter account and you really should show this to him because it is brilliant.
I don't have a twitter account, but you have my permission to send him a link to my post . Honestly, though, I don't expect that he would read it even if you did send it to him. If I were a professional writer, I wouldn't read fan submitted work for a number of reasons.

Originally Posted by The_Manhunter View Post
You could ask him to cut Midgard as well!

If you didn't notice my other thread I explain myself there lol
I just responded to you in the other thread, Manhunter. Read my plot above to see how much time I think Thor should be on Midgard.

The World Still Needs Heroes

Read my Thor 3 plot pitch or how I would use Beta Ray Bill in the MCU

Read my Tales of Asgard mini-series pitch or my Son of Asgard flashback style Netflix pitch
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