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Default Re: Who is engineering Ultron in Avengers 2?

For those who haven't been following this, here's what we know:

Whedon on Ultron

Pym is NOT in the movie
Ultron's origin is IN AoU
Hank Pym is not in the mix.
Ultron's origin comes more directly from the Avengers we already know about.
Ultron is someone who evolves (multiple iterations)

Feige on Ultron

When asked if Tony Stark makes Ultron, Feige says this:
"We are adapting Ultron’s origins from the comics, and in the comics it was Hank Pym who created him. Hank Pym is not in Age of Ultron, so we are tweaking it. We do think there’s another character we have that is quite good with artificial intelligence, so smart people can make assumptions which I cannot confirm or deny.”

Hey, Avengers 2: Age of Ultron teaser, what MCU character does Ultron seem to come out of? They wouldn't happen to be an Avenger we already know about and be quite good with AI would they?

Bonus round:

Whedon on changing things from comics when asked about Pym for Ultron
"We don't have to have him. It works very simply -- this is Marvel cinema, not Marvel comics," Whedon told io9. "One thing [Marvel Studios head] Kevin Feige has a genius for is knowing what to hold onto and what to let go of. You can invoke the feeling you had and play with the characters you love and remain true to the needs of the film. You'll have to wait and and see, but you don't need a Pym to create an Ultron."

For all those who want to change the feeling of Ultron by having him not be evil by accident and created by a beloved member of the team. I'm glad Whedon is just tweaking the story instead of totally overhauling it as some of you suggest.

But maybe I'm wrong, maybe these are just minor comments and not major clues as to what/where Ultron is. Can anyone find anything, anything at all from Whedon, Feige or any MCU person that connects Ultron with HYDRA, Howard Stark, SHIELD, Hank Pym, or Arnim Zola?

Based on what we know, tell me what you think. Is there any logical reason it shouldn't be Tony Stark?

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