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Originally Posted by TalismanRing View Post
Agreed, from the subject matter and tenor of the conversation and the way they interact he visits her regularly. When Peggy has that episode of Dementia we see the reaction she probably had when she first saw him again after almost 70 years. How calmly Steve reacts, how he talks to and soothes her, gives her water speaks to how often he's done this. Though it obviously hurts him he's not shocked or thrown.

The Russos said in an long audio interview with Empire - that visiting Peggy and the Smithsonian (to see a young Peggy, to see Bucky, The Howling Commandos and his past) is something he does routinely.
I agree with you! but when I first watched the film I didn't know that he visited regularly until I watched interviews so it makes more sense, but do you think they could have made that slightly more clear in the film because it sort of jumps straight to the Peggy scene and I would have liked slightly more build up towards it, but obviously if he visits regularly you couldn't have something like that Avengers deleted scene before it etc

I wonder what happens with old Peggy now because the scene ends and we don't see her at the end of the film etc, so I wonder if she will be in Cap 3, her funeral maybe?

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