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Originally Posted by speno94 View Post
Yeah, I think that is what will happen, one of the early scenes in Cap 3 will be her funeral and Sharon attends from the CIA.

Cap will ask something like 'What are you doing here? Did you know her or something?' and Sharon will finally come out with that she was her Aunt and her name is Sharon Carter and then that will set up their relationship throughout the Cap 3 film.
I really wish they would have hinted at their relationship in CA2, besides having Natasha set them up. There wasn't that much of a romantic vibe during the laundry chat, and by the end of CA2, Steve and Sharon are still at square one, that is, as acquaintances. If they don't start building their relationship in CA3 until after Steve finds out that Sharon is related to Peggy, then that would kind of be weird.

Canon can only be applied to thearical release material. You can use other sources for building up the MCU BUT these are very much secondary (or even tertiary) and include things like novelisations, comicbook tie ins, etc. However, if they contradict the theatrical release then the film takes precedence.

The really big problem is when the theatrical releases actually contradict each other...which has happened, annoyingly, a few times!
This is why we need a Leland Chee for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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