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Default Re: X-Men: Apocalypse coming in 2016!

People need to read actual age of apocalypse comic storyline and stop relaying only on 1990's Animated show for their information.

Apocalypse had 4 horseman as his right hand there. Being horseman doesn't mean your brainwashed. In AoA Sinster Is a horseman because due to timeline being changed sinister never left Apocalypse. APocalypse was responable for creation of Sinster in Comics.

With them saying Apocalypse Is based somewhat on Age of APocalypse It better
to get more familar with it and less 1990's x-men animated show.

My suspecion Is Magneto will become a horseman. The Age of apocalypse was known for going into surprising directions for characters.

My suspecion Instead of Apocalypse ruling North America It will be Apocalypse and his mutant followers attack North America.

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