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Originally Posted by DarkXorn View Post

So shoehorned in. It should have just been a movie about the events surrounding the Weapon X procedure. Actually, the real question is, what scenes wouldn't I cut.

Keep the actual procedure, the storyline with Kayla (to an extent), his rivalry and history with Victor and Stryker. Maybe the history about Team X. Although it was cool to see familiar mutants Stryker had been testing on, it too was shoehorned in for the sake of cheap shocks. I'd keep it more centered on Logan (I know, isn't every film centered on Logan), so do away completely with Wraith, Blob and Gambit.
I've cut out the part where he says "Wade is that you?" to Weapon XI (the second time sounded like "Wait!" so it kept it) but story wise, I don't think I could cut out Gambit or Wraith.

I can try to downsize their roles however.

So far I have cut--

- When that guy wouldn't move his truck
- The Moon Story
- "Save my sister, Logan!"
- "Wade, is that you?"
- Professor Xavier

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