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Originally Posted by DarkXorn View Post
Overall you can try to lessen the campiness and self importance of the film and keep it nice, dark and gritty as it should be. But it's your creation, have free reigns.
I'm trying my best. It's kinda difficult because of the sound mostly, as when I cut a scene, I have to make sure the sounds don't make it looks choppy (if that makes any sense)

I don't know what I'm gonna do when I'm done though!

Any suggestions? lol.

Originally Posted by RikePirado View Post
I liked the Moon story.

I thought that scene was kinda cheesy, but that's just me!

"Whatever dude, he dresses up in spandex to rescue cats from trees."

Originally Posted by SymbioticToxin View Post
Why do you hate goodness, Aziz?
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