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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

Originally Posted by The Endless View Post
Thor still hasn't bee done justice in terms of power and abilities though. Whilst fighting Kurse instead of going toe to toe he should have taken a more tactical approach. Create a tornado. Stay in the air etc.
Yeah - I think the battle in Jotunheim from the first film is the closest thing we've seen to showing Thor's true power. But for Thor 3, we really need to see him cut loose. I want to see him utilize his powers of weather manipulation and flying against a foe physically much larger than him. Surtur, Fenris, Jormungand, Ymir, etc. - and don't make it an easy knock out blow like he delivered to the Jotun ice beast or the Kronan. I want to see a titanic slugfest where victory is narrowly won and Thor's clothes are shredded and burned and he should be covered in blood. He should look worse than he did after fighting Kurse.

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