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Default Re: The JJ Abrams Superman script

Originally Posted by Nemeres View Post
I can't believe this thing has been here the whole time, I ALWAYS wanted to know what Josh Schwartz had done with the Abrams script... and apparently it was terrible, lol, at least judging from this limited info. I'm a HUUUGE fan of the very 1st Abrams draft, I think 85% of that script is amazing. With some reworking, I have no doubt it would have made audiences fall head-over-heels in love with Superman... but apparently all that those rewrites managed to do was dilute that original freshness. It's a shame they let that happen, since according to some reports, WB was thrilled with that first draft. If they'd done something with it, they could have made Superman a huge star of the 2000s, maybe even on the level of Spider-Man. Bummer.
no really. i happen to learn that everyone has their own interpretation of the character of superman and they won't tolerant any small alteration unlike to other heroes, said spidey, captain american or thor, which they are more receptive with new interpretation and approach.

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