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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
Agreed to Disagree

He "commanded" the battle in Vanaheim by showing up and kicking the crap out of a handful of dudes, then destroys the Rock dude and everyone surrenders. Yeah, "good job commander! we got friggin Patton over here!"

His plan to get out of Asgard was take Loki and run, and "oh well switch ships at one point because Asgardians sentries are just the worst."

His plan to get the Aether out of Jane was stupid and Selfish, and resulted in Maelkith taking the Aether, Thor getting his ass kicked, and loki getting "killed". It was a really dumb plan devised seemingly so they could fool the audience in trailers.

He also didn't do much in the way of "convincing" his friends to help so much as asking and they went along like they always do (even in the comics, the warriors three aren't exactly headstrong)

And yeah, the slapstick battle with Malekith with the hammer chasing them everywhere really cemented Thor's strength. That's why he had to take a train to get back to the battle and didn't actually do anything tremendously effective to the villain until the hammer finally made its way back to him.

The way they time out the climax, Mjonir saves the day more than Thor does.
I'm not sure what you're expecting. It seems to me you're confusing perfection with ability to lead. His plan to remove the Aether was suspect but Thor's always been headstrong and reckless at times. It's a character trait. His motives are mixed but he is also concerned about his people. His friends follow him through danger. He persuaded them to go along with releasing Loki. He pursuaded Loki to even want to help him. His plan to get out of Asgard involved several ruses and required teamwork.

As far as using Mjolnir to deal the final blow, how exactly was Thor supposed to defeat an enemy empowered by an Infinity Gem unarmed? How did he not do anything effective until that time? He stalled Malekith and prevented him from unleashing the Aether into the Convergence which would have been game over. And how exactly does he get back to Greenwich with out his primary means of travel? I thought that was a great way to highlight a weakness of Thor. Thor is so powerful you have to devise ways to challenge and frustrate him. Through it all he never gives up. That's what makes Thor Thor. Not just the fact that he can whip up a whirlwind. Thor never ever gives up even when he is handicapped, outmatched and outgunned.

Yeah I guess we do have to agree to disagree.

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