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Default Re: The Black Widow Thread

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
I never had a problem with it, it makes sense. And I've noticed that most of the complaints about her hair is that it's "ugly." Frankly, I find this to be a really weak complaint. She's a freaking spy, looking sexy should be WAY DOWN on her list of priorities. Functionality and practicality are infinitely more important. That hair from IM 2 didn't make her look like a super-spy, it made her look like a model. Seriously, if you're big complaint is that her hair isn't "sexy" enough, then that's not much of a complaint.
-Thor and Cap are warriors, and yet the filmmakers make damn sure they look pretty sexy throughout, with their perfectly done hair and glistening muscles

-For real practicality, you'd want a tight bun or something like that. Look at female soldiers, there's not many walkin around with short bobs. Also as a spy, if she goes undercover, looking sexy could be very advantageous

-At any point in Cap 2, did her slightly longer hair pull you out of the film and make you think "Oh she could never do that move, her hair woulda got caught!"...??

These characters all have superfluous s**t on their outfits that would be bad in battle. The Incredibles pretty much says it all about Thor's cape, and the same would hold true for any extra flaps, straps, pockets, etc. Superhero looks were not designed, in any way, to be practical. Thor also has longer hair than Widow, so there's that too. Comics are all about style, so there has to be some of that on film. Otherwise, Thor should be in armor no cape and short hair, and all the others should be in modern military kevlar.

The character's looks are important, it's why generally Marvel gets less flack than Fox, for sticking with close-to-comic looks for their characters. In the comics, she has long hair most of the time. So yes, I find the haircut hideous, and would prefer a better looking, long straight hairdo. Sorry, I find it important.


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