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Default Re: Sin and Crossbones casting thread

Yes to Ruth Wilson, although I'd rather see her as Madam Hydra rather than Sin. I know Sin and Crossbones have a lot of fans but I'd much rather see an adaption of the old Skeleton Crew first before Sin. A lot of the Sin/Crossbone stuff is kinda redundant given the storylines with Diamondback/Rachel and personally I'd rather see Diamondback because of her place in Cap's romantic history than a Bonnie/Clyde Natural Born Killers kinda thing they got going with Crossbones/Sin.

The comics were able to pull that off for the sake of variety and being able to get away with some blatant homages to other works(NBK) but I feel like it would evoke the wrong kinda sick and twisted for the MCU. Honestly I doubt we'll get some of the more BDSMy kinda stuff that was in the comics during the '80s. There's some really kinky stuff. Case in point Crossbones, should read his comic intro in Bloodstone Hunt or see the Sadomasochistic relationship between Red Skull, Mother Night and Madam Hydra that was going on around that time. Plus there's whole freaky age thing going on with Sin where I can't see that being adapted without it being very weird. Maybe they could combine the characters of Madam Hydra and Sin? Maybe not have her be Red Skulls daughter and the relationship with Crossbones might be too much for the story, he should be the dragon/henchmen perhaps menacing Diamondback. That I could see working.

I could see perhaps a retooled Skeleton Crew with Crossbones, Diamondback, Madam Hydra/Sin, Cutthroat, and maybe Bucky, as Mercenaries working for Zemo.

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