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Default Re: Scenes in Man of Steel that where inspired by the Comics and Animation

Originally Posted by Smashlilman View Post
It looks like Snyder was busy going through the Superman archives. Just look at how many similarities you can find in Man of steel that actually match up the pages and scene in a variety of Comics and Animations. If you can can find any more post them here. Describe them if you can't find any scans. Here are of the ones that I've found.

Zod punching Superman in the gut and sending him sliding across the ground on his knees.

Nam-Ek and Faora tackling Superman mid flight in the comics is similar to an event in the movie. Only in the movie Superman was using Faora like a ragdoll and Nam-Ek was the one doing the tackling.

Zod catching Superman's punch while flying with a shock wave going off during the catch is similar to when Black suit Superman caught Clone superman's fist in the Superman/Doomsday.

Zod throwing Superman by his cape was also similar to Black Suit Superman throwing Clone Superman By his cape.

Actually the lady in the comic was Ursa not Faora.


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