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Default Re: Can someone please explain what Bomback tried to do?

Originally Posted by lofoa82 View Post
It was a great final battle, awesomely written, between Kenuichio Harada (on a silver samurai armor), Logan and Yashida. The last man standing will inherit control of the clan. Obviously you know who wins in the end

Also, the first and last command from Logan to everyone in the clan is: seppukku. So this way the Clan will end for good.

After the goodbyes between him and Mariko (logan leaves on a boat), an associate of him and Mariko, delivers to Logan some documentation with information from his past. He never open those, just throw them overboard.
Probably would have been better, though the last bit about ditching his history feels a bit too similar to his decision in X2.

There's a million ways to end the film in a more satisfying way, it did really dip after the awesome fight with Shingen.

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