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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
^^agreed completely
The more I think about this movie the more it bothers me.
It almost seems like the filmmakers looked at the flaws of the first film, and completely amped them up and made them worse for the second one (though not intentionally, I'm sure).

Complaint from Thor
Too much humor
Solution for TDW
More Darcy, Crazy Selvig, superfluous Intern, Slapstick final battle

Complaint from Thor
Thor needs more cool moments
Solution for TDW
Don't let him do any whirlwinds or any magic but lightning, and make sure the audience knows he can't fly without the hammer.

Complaint from Thor
Not enough Asgard
Solution for TDW
Get a director who can make Asgard look very full and vibrant, then spend the same amount of time there as the first movie (maybe even less)

Complaint from Thor
Weak final battle
Solution for TDW
Intercut the already silly final battle with Shots of Darcy and Jane, and make Thor ride a train to extend the scene. Also, make sure Kurse's battle only lasts about as long as the far-too-short Destroyer fight.

I love Thor as a character, and this film approaches X-Men:The Last Stand levels of disappointment for me.
....says WHO? Thor CAN hover in the air and TOSS Mjolnir without falling.

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