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Default Re: Can someone please explain what Bomback tried to do?

Originally Posted by lofoa82 View Post
I loved the X-Men franchise.

I even support X3 and XMW, no matter how flawed they are.

The Wolverine on the first two acts, took me to a height that only X2 and XM:FC delivered... The yakuza... the intimate relationship with Mariko... all so grounded... no mutants roaming around with flying colors... PERFECTION... Until we saw a giant robot who needed to "connect" with Logan to absorb his healing factor. One question... Couldn´t this have been done while logan was unconscious?

Anyway, the reason for my thread is: Why did FOX hired Bomback/Frank as rewriters? I read Chris McQuarrie´s script, and it was SO GOOD. I think Chris died a little on his inside after watching the final product.

Bomback, Frank and Benioff are no longer welcome on the franchise. Seriously.

I would love to be on the media and ask Shuller-Donner why a rewriter was needed. Heck, I don´t even know why Mangold allowed such a drastic change in the tone of the movie.

Your thoughts my X-Geeks?
Is there somewhere why there is review of the Mcquarrie draft?

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