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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 4

I was listening to "General Zod" (particularly 4:22 onwards) from the Man of Steel soundtrack and it was effin eargasmic! found some great comments from a youtube video of it also.

Is it just me, or does this actually kind of reflect the same composition as in Superman's theme? Plus, whereas that score is full of hope and inspiration enough to defy gravity and move mountains, this seems to reflect the cold and joyless but dedicated resolve of a man prepared to die for his cause. It also seems to carry an unbearable weight as if the only thing holding down an indescribable tragedy is a directionless anger of knowing that failure means that your entire existence; designated for the greatest of purposes, has been robbed of all purpose.
While Zod's methods were cruel, and his directive genocidal to an entire race of people, his conviction to do what he thought right was so strong that it kind of resounds and is hard not to somewhat respect. He was born a little bit to perfect in his single-minded purpose, hence why he turned on the council in the first place. They bred him to be a warrior and to protect Krypton. They didn't breed him to blindly follow non military superiors without question, or to feel compassion towards non-kryptonians. He was kind of like Hal 9000 in a way; the machine programmed so well with a single task that it mades it's programmers obsolete, and even recognized their flaws as a danger to it's purpose.

And as much as I truly can't fault Kal for protecting his people, I can neither say that I can't understand Zod going over the edge when she scout ship was destroyed. Just imagine, being vilified for doing what you were born to do, having to kill your best friend because, (in your mind), he stood to hinder your one task, loosing your entire civilization, and planet, and then, decades later, having one final chance to resurrect it, only to have that chance ripped from your hands, your few remaining people thrown into oblivion, leaving you stranded on a strange planet that will never be your home. Can anyone honestly say they wouldn't snap.
Towards the end, it feels like it would be used in the last part of a final battle scene for JL, starting off all grim and dark and progressively getting higher in pitch.

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