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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 4

Originally Posted by geetard View Post
It was obviously not related to BvS. I thought it'd be about Damian's return, personally.
I didn't think about that. I guess they want wait a little longer before that.

Originally Posted by MrsKent26 View Post
I do enjoy Fleischer and Supes/Robots.

The Smallville comic is decent actually. I didn't expect to like any of it because I didn't like the show, but it was alright. The New 52 Supes has gotten better recently, but there was a long period where I couldn't deal with it. It still doesn't come close to AOS though.
I liked the show enough. I assume the comic's better since there are less cooks in the kitchen and written by someone actually interested in the character. I've read a little bit of New 52 and I liked what I read.

Originally Posted by Wise View Post
Robocop Statue cameo or nothing!
Did they actually put that statue up?

I was at some diplomatic party once. Got to talking to this princess who told me that when it came to Superman, I was missing the point. She told me, "His real strength lay in his generous spirit and sense of what's fair." - King Faraday

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