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Default Re: Superman the Movie = STILL the greatest superhero movie

Yes, Superman the Movie is still the best superhero movie. It's's a masterpiece!

I know it's popular to crap all over it now that we have Man of Steel...some people call it cheesy, campy, overrated and outdated. They whine about the special effects, complain about the lack of fight scenes (I'll take scenes of Superman flying around and saving people or cats from danger over repetitive fight scenes any day), that Hackman's Luthor is a harmless clown, or say that Reeve's Superman is boring because he's too nice and perfect etc. It's almost as if they haven't watched the movie...

The same people often say stuff like "Reeve's Superman wouldn't work today, the 70's or 80's were different, a more innocent time". That's a lie, things weren't perfect back then either. The difference is that filmmakers were more imaginative...even though the real world was (and is) messed up, they knew that movies could be used as a way to escape show us a world that's a bit better, where a man in tights and cape can show up and save us all. If you want depressive tales of death and destruction, just read the newspaper.

I hope we'll get a Superman movie like it again some day...but I doubt it.

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