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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

One of my favorite MCU films.

I understand the complaints people have against it, but there is just this X factor the film has that just makes it endlessly watchable to me. It's bright and vibrant and has this really infectious air of fun and charm to it. The Shakespearean like melodrama is perfectly handled and never feels forces or hokey. Branagh keeps the pacing smooth with slick camera moves and directing. Many people feel the Earth scenes are lacking, but I think he puts just as much energy into those as he does the Asgard scenes. I've said it before in TDW threads but I really wish the bold opulence of Asgard was kept for the sequel. Ya-ya, the effects themselves are more detailed in the second film, but visually, the first film makes me drool every time: The shimmering star fields in he background, the way the BiFrost dances with color, the shiny golden halls and towers, the cool desolate blue of's eye candy of the highest order.

While the love story is under cooked Hemsworth and Portman have real chemistry (that's lost in the sequel imo) and the humor hit all the right beats. The score is also underrated. The two Thor films have had the best MCU scores so far imo. I don't know, I just really love Thor. It's one of those films that just gels with me, you know?

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