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Default Re: batman vs Superman box office prediction

Originally Posted by dalonewolf View Post
How long did avatar stay in theaters?
And how many times did it get re - released
I know it was in domestic theaters from December - August. It was just a consistent performer for a long time both domestically and internationally.

I think a $200+ milllion opening weekend (probably more like $230 million) is already a guarantee with this movie domestically no matter the quality of it. If the movie reviews highly and gets great world of mouth then it becomes a longevity game. If that happens then $700 million domestic isn't crazy and $1.5 billion overseas isn't crazy either.

If the movie gets mixed critical and fan reception then I think its' floor is $1.2 Billion (IM3 numbers) because people will see Batman vs Superman on screen together for the first time regardless of what critics say.

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