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Default Re: So is Snyder a BIGGER fan of Batman?

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Who cares who he's bigger fan of? As long as he's a fan of both.
Not sure why no one ever references interviews where snyder comments on his thoughts on superman. Safe to say he thinks the character is 'bigger' and more 'more' than any of the marvel characters.

Fans asking such questions imo frames the state of mind of a good many dc fans right now. Something that will again yield an incorrect reception of the film. People so interested in things they want, and think matter, that the film itself won't get a fair assessment if said one element falls short of their expectation, in this case 'who looks better?'. Not so much different from what happened last time.

I personally wouldn't care if batman or superman wiped the floor with the other(not going to happen) or came out 'looking cooler' if only the story/movie was great into itself. I've had this mentality reading the various comics that have come out on the issue over the years, and I will here.

This same question framed differently reads like this: "I wonder if Joss Whedon is a bigger fan of 'avenger 1' vs this other avenger, doesn't that concern you all?" Or 'Jeph Loeb is maybe a bigger fan of batman given his various his Superman/Batman books have me concerned about...' about what exactly? If they will be good, or if they will fan service one side enough? Or has that now become the measure of good.

I just don't think it's a good look for fans imo.
I normally take the same approach you take tbh but the lone exception is TDKReturns. It's such a bastardization of the character that is ruins the entire story; a story I was never invested in to begin with because of poor characterization throughout, its' cynical view of humanity, and that godawful Frank Miller artwork.

To borrow elements from that remains my only worry about this project. And as I've said before - I never threaten to walk out of movies, but literally the only time I could see myself actually doing that is if this movie treats Superman as Frank Miller did.

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