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Default Re: So is Snyder a BIGGER fan of Batman?

Originally Posted by 113 View Post
I normally take the same approach you take tbh but the lone exception is TDKReturns. It's such a bastardization of the character that is ruins the entire story; a story I was never invested in to begin with because of poor characterization throughout, its' cynical view of humanity, and that godawful Frank Miller artwork.

To borrow elements from that remains my only worry about this project. And as I've said before - I never threaten to walk out of movies, but literally the only time I could see myself actually doing that is if this movie treats Superman as Frank Miller did.
Snyder has confirmed, MULTIPLE TIMES, that that is NOT a concern. He's confirmed he's not adapting DKR in several interviews, and said that no DKR elements will be an influence on Supes, because to do so would require them to write an entirely different character (see interview with Kevin Smith). Seriously, this paranoia about Snyder suddenly shortchanging Superman just because OMG BATMAN!!! is getting tiresome.

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