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Default Re: So is Snyder a BIGGER fan of Batman?

I'm pretty sure DKR presented a very different circumstance than what we have here...the villain, the protagonist, the world(mutants and 'cops'). I think the quote was used for effect. I don't see them reading a good line from Loeb's various books the same reverence.

That being said, I would think a piece of work as celebrated and renown in a character or even comic-dom mythology was better received than I've heard various people here suggest. I read it far later in context but colour me surprised. I grew up reading wizard magazine and they would always shout it's praises. Then again, they would always rank STM as the best superhero film ever...I guess times a change(in).

I am curious if the folks in the white house will send superman after the Batman problem however. Once there to find find a common enemy. I'd be interested in that kinda thing. Reeve superman seemed like the type to jump if the president asked.

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