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Default Re: So is Snyder a BIGGER fan of Batman?

Originally Posted by MrsKent26 View Post
This isn't just directed at you, but I find it fascinating when people say this and someone always does, like clockwork.

Why do people think these types of complaints from Superman fans keep coming up? Why aren't there concerns like this from batfans? Why aren't they paranoid? It's because they don't need to be. They know batman will come out fine. If these concerns from superman fans are so unfounded and outlandish, why do they keep cropping up and why aren't there concerns from batfans that Snyder will make Superman look better than him? It's because there's no need or precedence for it. If these concerns were baseless, we either wouldn't see them at all or we'd see them from both batman and superman's fanbases.
Except fans are well known for their hyperbolic attitude. In fact, look at the threads we have here, people are already getting worried about the fact that there is going to be an action scene between Superman and Batman, and we have threads questioning whether Snyder prefers Batman or Superman, which in of itself is mind-blowing and speaks to the "worrying complex" that some Superman fans have developed. In fact, Snyder himself said that Batman would pose absolutely no challenge to Superman in last year's comic con. Not to mention, SNYDER SAID THAT HE IS NOT ADAPTING TDKR, AS IT WOULD REQUIRE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SUPERMAN (caps+bold for emphasis since people here forget this). If that's not reassurance, I don't know what is. Snyder is not going to build a character up, just to go poo-poo on him.

Fans need to understand that just because Superman got poo-poo'd on in the past, doesn't mean that the cycle will continue.

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