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Default Re: So is Snyder a BIGGER fan of Batman?

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Honestly, I think its apparent that Snyder and Goyer are more "Batman" guys than they are "Superman" guys.

Its like when you watch "Batman: The Animated Series" and "Superman: The Animated Series". Bruce Timm is a Batman guy, and it shows, because BTAS is much better than STAS and is much more definitive for Batman than STAS was for Superman. I won't be surprised if Snyder's Batman is better than his Superman, because Batman's probably the character he should've been working on all along.

Grant Morrison is the only guy I've seen that made an equally great Batman and Superman.

I was at some diplomatic party once. Got to talking to this princess who told me that when it came to Superman, I was missing the point. She told me, "His real strength lay in his generous spirit and sense of what's fair." - King Faraday

He’s much more of a working class superhero, which is why we ended the whole book with the image of a laboring Superman. He’s Everyman operating on a sci–fi Paul Bunyan scale." - Grant Morrison

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