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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Thread

Originally Posted by EssayM View Post
I do think its a little too convenient they didn't introduce that, as it would've solved 80% of the conflicts in the movie. (I finally watched it, by the way. Kinda boring, honestly.)

Between the oil rig, the school bus, numerous encounters with bullies he surely must have had (even if he didn't fight back, he no doubt noticed their moves), the briefing from Jor-El, and just the basic common sense it takes to dodge a punch and put out a fire (and had he not figured out how to fly around objects by then?), I have a hard time believing he was completely unprepared for a situation like that. And I really don't see any reason why his "morals" should have resulted in him getting knocked around that much.
How on Earth does one prepare themselves for a situation like what transpired in the movie? That's like saying because I've walked and ran all my life, I should be prepared for a building collapsing while I'm in it.

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