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Default Should Batman be portrayed as a Protagonist or Antagonist in this film?

Well, I thought this topic personally deserved a thread of its own to discuss about.

So in light of Snyder's newest interview, regarding on how the idea of Batman being in this film came up when he was trying to figure out on who Superman should face after General Zod, I've wondered as to whether in this new take of the character, we should see Batman portrayed as more of an antagonist within the story.

We know that Ben's Batman will be a seasoned crime-fighter, but one who is also weary.

Some, like myself, have theorized that it'll be by his encounter with Superman, that even helps Batman gain a renewed spirit in his crusade against injustice and such.

So my question to everyone here is if people think on whether Batman, in this film, should be portrayed as a antagonist or protagonist in the story? Or maybe both? Ala, in the same way that Magneto was portrayed in "First Class". It would certainly be a new way of presenting the character on the big screen, and bring a new twist to "The Dark Knight Returns" qualities that Snyder had mentioned that he wants to take some liberties from.


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