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Default Re: Should Batman be portrayed as a Protagonist or Antagonist in this film?

Originally Posted by InJustice View Post
Someone here had the genius idea to make Superman the antagonist (in the sense that heroes and the world are against him), but unfortunately, the creative team won't have that much cajones to pull it off.
I remember reading about that as well, especially when people really thought that the Flash would be in this film as well.

Honestly, I wouldn't even mind seeing a "passing of the torch" scenario involving Batman and Superman.

I mean since Batman started his career, supposedly a lot earlier, than Superman did, it wouldn't be hard to believe that maybe Bruce (at one time) thought that helping the world was all on his shoulders and his burden.

But after so many years of fighting against Crime and producing less than desirable results, he grows to feel disheartened about his whole crusade.

So it's only after his encounter and experiences with Superman, where he ends up feeling that he's not along in his efforts and that should anything happen to him (Bruce), he knows that he can trust Superman to still be around and protect the Earth in ways he couldn't.

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