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Default Re: More music from Batman TAS being released

I was listening to some of the Shadow Of The Bat Pt.1 score. I posted my thoughts about this a while back. And claimed that Two-Face's theme was absent in both parts. However I think it was used in pt.1 but in a subtle and more mysterious way. Which made sense b/c Two-Face was officially revealed as the one pulling the strings by the end of this ep. (as Batman/Matches Malone was captured sneaking inside his lair). Even though this might be a stretch for some but in the track "Gordon's Arrest" Two-Face’s theme carries the whole track. It basically hints that Two-Face was behind Gordon's arrest way before he‘s even appeared in this episode. It’s one of those instances that might take repeated listens to realize that the Two-Face theme was used. It's also used in "Two-Face's Hideout", which took place during the scene in a two sided building where a somewhat hidden Two-Face was talking to that bucktooth henchman about that rally. In both tracks Walker doesn't write it in the way we’re accustomed to of Two-Face’s theme, which is interesting. The way it was used here reminded me of Clayface’s theme.

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