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Default Re: It's trend to hate DC. All the cool kids ate hating DC now

I'd say it's a trend to hate Marvel OR DC and side with only one publisher.

Why do they feel the need to defend DC or Marvel? Because they chose to invest their time and money in one publisher and now have to justify the time and effort expended?

DC and Marvel don't make the movies. They don't even make the comics. They just publish them.

Grant Morrison, Jeph Loeb, Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, Garth Ennis, Alan Moore, Joe Kelly, John Byrne, Denny O'Neil.... even Stan Lee.

These men have worked for both companies at one point or another. They've created great works using the characters owned by both publishers.

There is no fanboy war. That's just narrow sighted rubbish perpetrated by a vocal minority and by children who most of the time have barely picked up a comic.

Read DC

Read Marvel

Enjoy both. They've both put good comics, films and movies out and they've both put bad stuff out. Trick is to enjoy the good stuff regardless of PUBLISHER.

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